Targeted Extinguishing

Early Fire Detection
Specialized Extinguishing Systems
Utilize Intelligent Systems


Innovation remains a core value for Novota Engineering, as our company continues to develop new products and practices within the fire protection industry, predominantly focused on special hazards and innovative automatic targeted suppression utilizing water, water mist, wetting agents, foam and CAF (compressed air foam) as an extinguishing medium. Targeting suppression agent delivery is controlled by infrared camera detection systems.

Automated Fire Safety Through Targeted Extinguishing

Early Infrared Fire Detection

Infrared fire detection locates potential fire early with precise 3D coordinates when a critical temperature is detected. The hotspot location can be pinpointed immediately and accurately. Monitoring the 3D spatial temperature profiles allows the infrared detection system direct and control extinguishing.

Targeted Extinguishing

Extinguishing software processing infrared camera data identifies the 3D geometry of the area, and precisely aims electronically controlled fire-monitors or fire fighting turbines at the target location. The extinguishing software automatically calculates the size of the extinguishing window and all necessary parameters to direct the monitors or fire fighting turbines flow to the target location. This cools hotspots with pinpoint accuracy and/or extinguishes developing fires at an early stage to avoid collateral damage

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