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Fire Hazard Identification & Mitigation
Cost-Effective Solutions
Early Detection & Suppression of Fires


Fire protection engineering system design involves the application of engineering principles, technology, and scientific knowledge to ensure that the fire protection systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the building, structure or industrial asset.


We utilize Fluorine Free environmentally sustainable wetting agents and foam concentrates in our systems design.

Wetting agents when added to water will increase the extinguishing efficiency and penetration of water making it the ideal medium for extinguishing agents and targeted suppression of lithium battery fires in recycling facilities and other applications.

CAF (Compressed Air Foam)

CAFS have the ability to produce a wide range of foams to provide the most appropriate foam response to individual fire situations making it an ideal medium for targeted suppression.


We design wet, dry, pre-action and deluge water-based fire sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, water spray fixed systems, foam-water systems and foam-water sprinkler systems predominately for special hazard and commercial applications.

Water Mist

Water mist fire protection produces mist (very small droplets). Increased water surface area and oxygen displacement produce enhanced heat absorption and surface cooling.

Innovative Fire Suppression Design / Commissioning

CAN/ULC s1001 Testing

We provide Integrated Systems Testing of Fire protection and Life Safety Systems to CAN / ULC S 1001 standards.

Special Hazard SYSTEMS

Having performance objectives. We use the fire dynamics software and utilize 2 or more fire signatures to accurately activate suppression or targeted extinguishing systems.

We often utilize thermal image cameras, fibre optic detection systems or other advanced means of detecting fire signatures. Thermal image cameras monitor space in 3-dimensional segments for temperature distribution against predetermined thresholds monitoring surface temperatures.

Fire Alarms

We design fire alarm systems for commercial buildings, and industrial applications and integrate special hazard detection systems into fire alarm designs.

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