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At Novota Engineering, Our team of professionals ensures that your assets, development, building, business, and people are safe from the dangers of fire.

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With years of experience in the fire protection engineering industry, we have built our reputation as a trusted partner for clients looking for innovative solutions in the fire protection and life safety areas.

As a full-service consultancy firm, we offer a wide range of services with our partners to help you achieve your goals.

Senior Fire Protection Engineer: Juraj Novota, M.Eng., P.Eng., C.P.

Juraj is a founding member of Novota Engineering. He was educated in Fire Protection Engineering and Business at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He has over 30 years of industry experience and 29 years of private practice experience. Juraj is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, and the National Fire Protection Association.

Our Fire Protection Engineering Services

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Protecting Your People & Your Property

Protecting assets, people and property is a critical aspect of risk management for any business or organization and requires a comprehensive approach that involves identifying risks, and implementing physical and procedural measures to mitigate them including training employees to recognize and respond to emergencies.

COde COmpliant Fire Prevention Measures

We use knowledge of Building Codes, Fire Codes, NFPA and other industry standards such as FM Global, Vds to ensure compliance or prepare alternatives based on the specific project objectives.

Detecting Fires Early

Early detection is key to preventing the spread of fire and protecting people and property. We select and design early warning detection systems based on fire signatures.

Suppressing & Containing Fires

We design systems to limit the size of fire by a distribution of suppression medium to decrease the heat release rate, and prevent combustion, inert atmosphere or pre-wet adjacent combustibles while controlling temperatures to mitigate damage.

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At Novota Engineering, we provide expert consulting, engineering, procurement and project management services within the fire protection industry. Contact us today!