Risk & Hazard Assessment

  • Fire Scenario Analysis
  • incident probability and consequences assessment
  • emergency response planning strategies
  • cost-effective site-specific mitigation strategies

The risk and hazard assessment involves a scenario-based evaluation of credible incidents, an assessment of their potential consequences, frequency, quantification and implementation of the resources required to respond to them. Many times legislation is non existent, or meeting minimum legislation requirements is insufficient because it is primarily aimed at life safety and protecting the environment with no consideration for business assets.

Risk and hazard assessment identifies fire scenarios, and assess them in terms of incident probability and consequences to build a picture of the overall risks.. Depending on these risks, appropriate and justified emergency response planning strategies can be outlined and implemented.


Code Consulting

  • code analysis
  • code documentation
  • code conflict resolution
  • equivalency formulation
  • means of egress analysis
  • computer fire modeling
  • site investigation and surveys
  • smoke management systems
  • hazardous material analysis
  • plan review


Fire Suppression System Design

  • wet and dry systems
  • preaction systems
  • deluge systems
  • Foam Systems
  • AutoSprink design software
  • material stocklists
  • building surveys & inspections
  • wet supply and pump analysis
  • hydraulic calculations
  • design built
  • bid drawings
  • specifications
  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Water Mist Systems
  • Hybrid Systems

Fire Alarms Systems Design

  • code compliance
  • device layout
  • detail panel placement
  • equipment space allocation
  • operation sequence
  • riser diagram
  • System Control Logic
  • System Integration into PLC

Certified Professional

  • CP Services
  • Certified Professional Building Permit Process
  • City of Vancouver and City of Surrey

Project Management

  • Our systems are specialized to meet clients needs
  • Customers simply ask us to build the systems or manage the entire projects

Performance Based Design

  • evaluating clients goals and objectives
  • identifying the fire hazards and risks and informing the client
  • establishing and executing the performance based analysis
  • making fire safety recommendations consistent with with clients objectives and regulatory requirements
  • securing clients and authorities acceptance of the proposed performance based designs
  • verifying the implementation of the performance-based design
  • developing an operation and maintenance manual


Litigation Support

  • loss investigation services
  • system failure analysis
  • expert witness services
  • technical investigations
  • exhibits for courtroom use
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